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How to Config Database connection in Windows Hosting with Plesk panel

In web.config file

<add name="dbConnectionString" connectionString="server=;user=usdhar;password=ad123;database=admin_db"

note : change the Server IP, User Name, Password, Database name to yours

write this code in web.config file before starting

here database ip, database user name, database password & database name used.

from control panel there is a option to create database & after clicking on the database .. there is a option " create user " from there create user & password of database. to create table that can be done by using " EMS - SQL Manager lite for sql server " software or from " web admin " option of database from control panel.

in ems sql manager there is an option to register database there u have to give the ip address of database then database user name & password ( tick on sql authentication ) then after few sec a new dialogue box will open there from the top combo box select your created database name from the list ofdatabaseavailable in the server. next next etc .. then in the left side that database will be listed. double click there. serverdatabasewill be connected. from there you can see your database's user name .. expand it .. table (0) will be there. right click - new table .. give table name .. from the field tab .. create fields ( left side new field option ) at last click on compile ( left side option )

thats it.

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