About US

About US & Our Data Center Team

MegaHostzone established in 2010 is a leading Data Center service provider in the industry. The company offering various types of services to its satisfied clients all over the globe. Our mission is to provide world class Data Center services at an affordable price level to its clients. We are offering Dedicated Server, Managed & Unmanaged services, Cloud Hosting and Co-Location Services with a superior support 24x7.

With years of experienced engineering and Research, our team is working day & night to simplify technical complexities in cloud and Data Center services. Our core team is always doing research & Development to upgrade themselves to provide ongoing changes in the Data Center industry.

It is most important to be online 24x7 for a mission critical application hosted in your server in our data center so we are very concerned regarding this. We have a separate ISP department to manage internet bandwidth. MFT Internet Pvt. Ltd. is our ISP Department who is connected with multiple upstream provider and peering partner. We are directly connected with other big & reputed service provider like Google, Akamai, Facebook, Amazon, Cloudflore, Microsoft , Netflix and we are also connected with local internet exchange Mumbai IX and Nixi (National Internet Exchange of India). Internet Service Provider like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone are also connected with our network. Highly skilled and professional network engineers are always monitoring the whole network from our network operation center. We have our own network management software which alerts NOC (Network Operation Center) team for any incident in the data center. We take network redundancy very seriously so all the network equipment are fully redundant in our data center. a single point of failure in the network is very serious concern to us, so all of our devices are load balanced. If any network device fails, our system automatically will shift the traffic to backup device.

Electrical power is also a very serious concern for data center, we pleased to know you that we are connected with two different grid supplier and we have redundant UPS System in N+1 configuration. Standby generators are ready to run in case of any power failure. We have a huge fuel storage system to store generator fuel for up to 3 days. We have installed ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) in our Data Center floor to ensure if there is not any single point of failure.