Convert Host Name to IP Address

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This tool will help you to Convert Host Name to IP Address.

Hostname :

A hostname or a Nodename is an identity assigned to a device connected to a computer network for establishing electronic communication on that network. Hostname may be in a form of any single word and has no specific formats but on internet hostname may be appended to the Domain Name System and separated by dot. If a Domain name is totally specified and includes a top-level Domain of the internet then a hostname is said to be a Fully Qualified Domain or FQDN.

Hostnames are human readable and used by various naming systems like Network Information Service (NIS), Domain Name System (DNS), Server Message Block (SMB) and it varies according to use. Hostnames are typically composed of series of labels and connected with dots. As per Internet Standards component hostname labels may contains only the ASCII letters in a case-insensitive manner from 'a' to 'z', the digits '0 to '9' and hyphen '-'. But a hostname may not contain other characters such as the underscore character (_).

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