Reverse IP lookup tools

Tools : Reverse IP lookup tool

This tool will help you to find the PTR record of an IP Address.

IP Address :

This tool will display PTR Record of PTR record is updated globally otherwise it will display the same IP address you enter.

PTR record is the opposite of a 'A' record. A record map a IP address of a domain name while PTR record map a fully qualified domain name to a hostname. Simply it's a name of behind a IP address which used in reverse DNS lookup.

Reverse DNS used in mail servers to track source of originate. Some mail exchange server check Reverse DNS before accepting any connection. So if you are running a email server you must configure PTR record or Reverse DNS in email server IP address and It's important to set a Forward DNS of hostname to IP. So PRT hostname of IP must be resolve to forward DNS. Reverse DNS also help to filter spam email. Many Spammer use fake domain name to send email. and If they don't have a correct PTR Record setup in DNS, email server block them.

You will need to contact the ISP or the Network provider if you need to setup a PTR record to an IP address.

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