Network Infrastructure

Power Supply

At MegaHostZone, we prioritize the reliability and continuity of power supply to ensure uninterrupted operation of our data center infrastructure. Our comprehensive power supply options, coupled with advanced monitoring systems and expert support, are designed to mitigate the risk of downtime and ensure maximum uptime for our clients' critical applications and services.

Dual Standby UPS

Our data center is equipped with dual standby Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, providing redundant power to our servers in the event of power disruptions. These UPS units, coupled with our dual power supply configuration for most servers, ensure resilience and maintain uptime, safeguarding our clients' services against unexpected outages.

Standby Diesel Generators

In addition to our UPS systems, our standby diesel generators serve as a reliable backup power source during extended outages. Regular maintenance and testing of these generators ensure their readiness to provide continuous power to our data center infrastructure when needed.

Fuel Tank

To support our standby diesel generators, we maintain a dedicated fuel tank on-site, capable of storing fuel for up to 2 days. This ensures that our generators have an ample fuel supply to sustain operations during prolonged power disruptions, such as natural disasters or utility outages.

In-House Electrical Engineers

Our team includes in-house electrical engineers available 24/7 to address any power-related emergencies. These experts are highly trained and capable of handling any issues that may arise, ensuring prompt resolution and minimal impact on our clients' services.

Power Measurement and Monitoring

We have developed a sophisticated power measurement and monitoring system equipped with sensors to analyze power data in real-time. This system allows us to proactively identify and address potential power issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing the performance of our infrastructure.

High-Quality Electrical Equipment

At MegaHostZone, we use only high-quality electrical equipment, including wires, switchgears, MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers), and PDUs (Power Distribution Units). This ensures the reliability and safety of our power distribution systems, minimizing the risk of electrical failures.

Advanced Monitoring System

Our monitoring system is capable of detecting any power-related anomalies and generating alerts for our support desk to take immediate action. This proactive approach allows us to address potential issues swiftly, minimizing downtime and ensuring the continuous availability of our services.


With our robust power supply infrastructure, expert support team, and advanced monitoring systems, MegaHostZone is committed to delivering uninterrupted power and maximum uptime for our clients' critical applications and services. Our comprehensive approach to power supply management ensures the reliability, resilience, and performance of our data center infrastructure, empowering businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape.